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Thomas Jefferson:  You think dumping their tea is a good idea?
James Adams:  .......
Benjamin Franklin:  .......
George Washington:  Do it for the vine.




if you are not scared yet

you would be scared as fuck if you would know how easy to develop a cancer. 

Everyone should pay attention for signs of cancer. Catching it in the first stages could save your life. When i was 12 i found a swollen lump under the skin of my armpit while showering. A few months later i was in surgery for removal and later found.out it was hodgkins lymphoma and it had already begin to spread. 6 yrs of fighting. Radiation. Chemo. Surgeries. And ive been in remission for 7 yrs now. But i have a cancer you live with for life technically its dorment inside my body. So i must always watch for signs. Cancer is not a joke. And if you know anyone who has it or has had it. Please be supportive. And remember how important it is to watch for signs that you could have cancer. And always see a DR never self diagnose through webMD.


fun drinking game: take a shot of water every couple hours to make sure you’re healthy and hydrated




fun game: refer to America as “South Canada” and watch as Americans lose their shit

Probably cause it’s United States of America? And not south canada? That doesn’t even sound right

Look it’s working


when a friend does something nice for you for no reason